Coffee and Sugar Dispenser

For commercial Catering and Hospitality

We are proud to introduce our best complementary Dispenser for every

Organization kitchenette. Dispensers Coffee & Dispensers Sugar

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  • Used for all kind of powder coffees, granulated coffee, chocolate(drink) powder milk, Soups……and Sugar.
  • A very precise and economical mechanism will give you 1/2 Tp or 1 Tp No need for electricity!!!
  • Will organize and keep clean your kitchenette.
  • A big 1.5 liter SAN plastic container will save you frequent refilling.
  • Very easy disassembling for cleaning internal parts.
  • Single, Double,Trio options.
  • Durable painted steel or prestigious stainless steel stands.
  • Free standing and Wall mounted options.
  • Made of durable plastic and stainless steel internal parts for long lasting use .
  • For commercial quantities it is an option to order the stand and plastic parts In your preferable color.
  • It is the Ideal coffee&sugar dispenser for busy offices, factories, waiting and conference Rooms, Breakfast in hotels/motels, caterings and More….

Autofill Hot Water Urns

  • Auto fill hot water urns for Institutional use on Weekdays 
  • And Special design for "Shabbat" and Jewish Holidays
  • Special design & metod for autofill and water warming that assures the fact that our urns keeps the water temp. fix (95 c) regardless the hot water draw quantities.
  • standard urns: 150 up to 600 cups/hour and non standard according special request.
  • Robust stainless steel double wall construction ensures high degree of reliability and long life even in hard environment.
  • "Vapour Free Urns"
  • The boiling vapour will get out through a pipe and will drip into the integral drip-tray.
  • It is recommended to use softwater to avoid the scale, if not, it is easy to open the top cover and descale the urn.
  • Special Two Tank "Glisha" design urns for Kashrut assurance in jewish Institutes such as:
  • Hospitals, home for ages, hotels, educational institutes……
  • They are approved by the "Institute for science and Halacha –Jerusalem" And by "Zomet institute "which are the two institutes for science and halacha in Israel

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